Shower Canary wall mounted hub
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Is the unit expensive?
The unit is priced at $160 USD, but fear not! With an estimated monthly savings of around $30, the Shower Canary promises a rapid return on investment.
Do I need an electrical plug in the shower room?
Yes, the 'Hub' main unit requires a power source for its visual screen and audio call-outs.
What about privacy concerns?
Rest assured, Shower Canary prioritizes your privacy. No personal information or data is shared, and the unit is void of a microphone or camera.
Will family members actually reduce shower time?
Absolutely! With observed reductions of over 25% in shower times, especially among environmentally-conscious children, the impact is visible. Schools are actively discussing the environmental impact, influencing behavioral change.
Could children unplug it?
Most children recognize the importance of environmental efforts and comply with Shower Canary's prompts for positive change.
Does it significantly save water?
Yes, indeed! A family of four cutting shower times by just 3 minutes can save a whopping 8,700 gallons (33,000 litres) annually.
Will it reduce local infrastructure costs?
Certainly. Reduced demand means less strain on infrastructure, benefiting everyone.
Will it annoy guests in hotels or accommodations?
No worries! The call-outs are pleasant and positive, encouraging a shift in behavior without being a nuisance.
Is the setup process time-consuming?
Not at all! You can have Shower Canary up and running in about one minute.
Does it require constant monitoring?
No need for constant surveillance. The app provides all the information you need without additional monitoring.
Does it consume a lot of electricity?
Not at all. Shower Canary has an extremely low power draw.
What's the sensor battery life?
Anticipate a sensor battery life of approximately 5 years, depending on shower frequency.
Will it develop mold in the shower?
Nope! Shower Canary is designed for easy cleaning, preventing any mold-related concerns.
Why not just use a restrictor?
While restrictors can be useful, they lack the ability to reduce shower time or influence behaviour. With Shower Canary, you get detailed insights into each shower's duration, cost, and resource usage, making it a comprehensive solution.