About us

Woman using the Shower Canary app
Our origin
Having two teenage children and seeing the length of time 
they spend in the shower along with the wasting of energy 
and water was a concern.
The problem
Water heating is the largest electricity consumption, accounting for 27% of electricity consumption in residential homes (Electricity Authority NZ, 2018).
Showering is the largest contributor to water consumption in residential homes, accounting for 31% (BRANZ, 2022).
our solution
Effortlessly installed in seconds without disrupting water flow, the Shower Canary promptly sends alerts to encourage shorter showers. The data is transmitted in real-time to the accompanying app, showcasing shower duration, energy usage, water costs, and CO2 savings.
Shower Canary offers a budget-friendly solution to minimize shower time, resulting in savings in water, energy, CO2 emissions, and money.
What could I save?
Mother and son review data on the Shower Canary app