Shower Canary makes it easy to save Water, Energy, CO2 and Money!

Learn how

The Shower Canary is a revolutionary device that senses water flow and encourages your household members to reduce their time in the shower.

How much could I save?
How it works
With innovative patent-pending technology, the Shower Canary's ability to reduce both energy and water consumption on large scales has never been easier!
The Shower Canary sensor being installed in a shower
The sensor is fully self-contained and able to detect water flow without being plumbed. It has up to 5 years battery life.
Shower Canary hub
Shows time in the shower and has visual and audio alerts to promote reduced shower time. All data is sent to the cloud via IoT with no wifi or bluetooth required.
Close up of phone showing the Shower Canary app interface
Clearly presents the user with shower time, water + energy usage and costs + savings.
Key Savings
Reducing each shower by just 3 minutes can save:
How much could I save?
36 litres of water (9.5 gal) per shower*
0.58 kg (1.2 lbs) CO2 per shower*
$340 USD per year**
52,500 litres (13,700 gal) of water each year**
*Based on reducing your shower time by just 3 minutes per shower.
**Based on a family of 4.
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